XZZ416Vertical parting shot without box molding line

Model line main components:
XZZ416 (XZZ415) vertical parting shot without box molding line by vertical parting shot without box pressure ZaoXingJi (host), shift of core machine, synchronous belt conveyor, belt conveyor gripping cooling, vibration fall sand machine (or roller falls sand machine), sand-up machine and electric, hydraulic, gas control systems.
Model line the main features:
* using microcomputer control, electromechanical integration technology and standard of hydraulic and pneumatic control devices and improve the operation speed and accuracy.
* intellective interface, the use of on the definition, within the scope of the computer screen adjustment, the various technical parameters set the machine.
* fault judging panel, through a series of sensor and computer system fault diagnosis host general and alarm display.
* in structure, easy to adjust and maintain in electric control to fault display and recognition and troubleshooting methods hints.
* and domestic similar model line in automatic control, compared and electromechanical integration level, equipment operation reliability, synchronous cooling, wear resistance, meet and cavity parts of synchronous transmission, mechanical core, tape cooling, under automatic sand-up complete set function, standardization level and maintainability has obvious progress and advantage.
* vertical parting, no sand box, high pressure, high speed, continuous, full automatic, hydraulic compaction, it is suitable for the sand in various industries have no core core mass efficient medium and small casting production.
* molded in various kinds of specifications vertical parting molding line, the largest percentage of amount, scope of most widely.
* productivity high, high precision casting dimension, low noise, low labor strength, simple, auxiliary engine less group line, cover an area of an area small, process and construction of low investment, energy saving, is now the most advanced wet type model line one.
Model line main specifications and parameters:

Mold size (W*H*T)mm
Productivity mode/h
240、300(Type thick180mm)  220-280(Mechanical core under )
Shoot sand pressure Mpa
Compacting pressure Mpa
0-2.0(Continuously adjustable);Recommended
1.0-1.2;The biggest (calculated value) 2.5
Average thickness mold
Rated-locking precision mm
Mechanical core precision mm
Sand consumption t/h
Synchronous clamping conveyer length m
Maximum working pressure Mpa
Compressed air pressure Mpa
Compressed air maximum consumption  m3/min
Motor total power host
KW gripping delivery devices
Cooling water flow  L/min
Host appearance (L*W*H)mm
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