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Economic recovery prompted U.S. sales growth castings

the united states now is in foundry industry economic crisis (from the end of 2008 to early 2010) of the recovery. 2007 the united states in foundry industry sales for 28.2 billion us dollars, and in 2009 the most serious financial crisis in 2009, with sales of $21.2 billion. the foundry industry from 2010 appear warmer signs, annual rate of 9.3%. 2011 years of economic recovery rate is expected to accelerate growth, is expected to $26.3 billion in annual sales. the foundry industry in 2012 will be restored to the level of 2007, and in 2013 the transcendence.

the foundry industry the main growth areas is nodular cast iron pieces, aluminum casting and magnesium casting, the reason is that the domestic auto industry brought the recovery of the auto parts of output growth (figure 1, figure 2). due to mining, construction and rail transportation industry increased demand for steel castings, sales will also quickly returned to the level before the economic crisis.

grey iron piece and malleable iron piece had a car in economic recovery will be short-term small increase, but from the long-term forecast, these two material casting of sales will continue for losses.

Today, the United States casting factory of the Numbers from 2336 five years ago to 2040 stores, home down casting factory the reduction of the number of boils down and the sluggish economy, the progress of science and technology from other countries, and the strict rules and regulations of the competition.

Figure 1:2013 mg castings sales will be will appear increases obviously and grey iron piece and ductile iron piece only small increase sales.

Figure 2: most of the nonferrous alloy castings are expected to sales in 2013 will be increased.

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