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Automobile fittings factory produce fake parts were investigated

august 31,, according to south korean modern than the company, complaints, zhejiang province rui-an city industry and commerce, law enforcement personnel of the qualitative inspect has five suspected of production, selling fake hyundai, kia auto parts plant and warehouse and the, the scene of of all kinds of counterfeit seized alleged "hyundai", "kia" auto parts more than 10000 pieces, flew from south korea to modern than the company, specialized technical personnel followed the law enforcement personnel in the whole operation process, and the site for the fake product identification.

on a called "ruian leibeier locomotive parts co., ltd" in the investigation process, ruian qualitative inspect law enforcement officers found a large production and sales have to the fake "hyundai" modern auto parts more than 800 pieces, including the 460, car tupperware tupperware circuit boards and plastic board 400. if the engine of the car, and then compared to the heart tupperware is the central nervous, tupperware is responsible for each part of the vehicle to convey information, is driving car electronic control components of key components, automobile body is in high technical content, to the requirement of process is strictly one of the components. once used fake car, it will be tupperware on the traffic safety brought duoda risk.

ruian law enforcement in industry and commerce to a named "ruian developed automobile fittings factory" inspection, seized the fake diesel filter 1560, from appearance on look, these fake of filter and work are very rough, very fuzzy, and english mark quality goods auto parts than there are significant differences. according to information, these factories produce fake auto parts duonian, mainly in the production of counterfeit "hyundai" auto parts to give priority to. to escape the law enforcement departments and some factories, even some of his trademark registration, and avoid check. and only when the sale will will fake "hyundai" trademark infringement product, stick on fake auto parts wholesale sales object mainly is surrounding the city auto parts around the city, because the operating perennial such a business, fake auto parts of shipments is larger, and profit, very impressive.

Industry insiders point, at present automobile fittings market sales of all kinds of auto parts, good and evil people mixed up, fake automobile products also fish in troubled waters, broad consumer does not have to identify common sense, it is easy to be undesirable businessman have deceived. All kinds of illegal counterfeits, is one thousand laid-off workers to escape the law enforcement departments of check, avoid the risk of of all kinds. Now automotive accessories market a few counterfeit products, the serious influence of the vehicle, road safety to ride the personal safety of the staff a great danger. With the most common filter, for example, counterfeit products cost but ten yuan, through the middle of the wholesale, retail market until terminal link, the price has turned over several times, it is profit driven, make the illegal behavior, counterfeits long-standing, and formed a huge industry chain, many of the counterfeiting, counterfeits personnel in the among them, making exorbitant profits, entrap consumer.

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