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Parts fair technology import outstanding

    Tomorrow, the fifth China international automobile parts expo will be in the China international exhibition center (old hall), news will be held from 120 countries and regions in the world DuoGe of automobile and automobile parts manufacturers, suppliers and purchasers exhibitors, will be the new product new technology on the show.
    The organizing committee chief, said in an interview this year China international automobile parts fair and strengthen the key increase import content, which advanced technology, important equipment and key components become the exhibition window. According to understand, for many of the world's famous auto suppliers in the exhibition held during the new product, new technology, including mainland by the group's "the auto electric technology and new energy vehicles the intelligent solution", Delphi "efi system and technical" borg, warner's "double clutch and four-wheel drive new technology", etc. And domestic faw rich Mr, CNHTC's, Europe's power group will also means show the new energy vehicle electronic system, the hand from a weight card transmission and clean diesel engines and other new products.
    As the parts of the national exhibition platform, the exhibition will also host China international automobile parts development peak BBS, government officials and experts will be to "1025" strategic planning in the emerging industry policy, market environment, analyses the laws and regulations. And the same period with parts fair at the China international automobile refitting expo will also have from Europe and America, South Korea, Taiwan and domestic famous brand, car racing and modified vehicle parts appear on for many car lovers, present a dazzle colour brilliant of automobile refitting feast.


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