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    We have a XZZ416B series vertical parted flask less jolting type automation molding line produced by Baoding Well Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd. Having the character of vertical-parting, no flask, high pressure, high speed, full automation and hydraulic squeezing (of sand mold), this set of equipments is suitable for batch production (of large scale) of medium and small seized castings (with or without core) for various industries. Of effective productivity, précised casting dimension, low noise, less labor intensity, low energy consumption. The set of modeling line can ensure 200 models per hour when is with mechanical core setting, which can ensure 260 models per hour when is without mechanical core setting. The production capacity is 6000 tons per year that the mold size is 650mm x 535mm, the thickness is 160mm to 330mm, the max deep of mould cavity is 460mm, the hardness of mold sand is more than 80, the mold closure precision is 0.10mm to 0.14mm,which can produce the gray iron and ductile iron parts under 30kgs. We also have four semi-automatic modeling line (Z148E ) that can produce the gray iron and ductile iron parts under 50kgs. We use water glass sand methodology that can produce the big steel casting parts about 1500kgs per one piece including carbon steel and alloy steel. We are capable of producing investment casting parts, too.
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